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AIDA Framework

Create copies with Attention → Interest → Desire → Action!

Title Ideas

Generate a list of title variations based on an initial topic.

Meta Description

Give a title/topic and receive a meta description in return!

Paragraph for Heading

An introductory paragraph for your given heading to kick you off!

Social Media Copy

Write engaging social media copies for enhanced reach & engagement.

Product Description

Generate engaging product descriptions with just a click.

Paragraph Rewriter

Rewrite a paragraph keeping the essence & the meaning intact!



Conversational AI Chatbot
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SEO and Organic Traffic Growth
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Turn on the SEO mode and make your content SERP-ready from day one — Ai-based SEO optimization right inside WordPress using GetGenie.

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With GetGenie, you can analyze & pick keywords in depth by utilizing trend data, search volume, competition, CPC, as well as all related keywords for them!

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SERP Competitors

Get ahead of your competitors, analyze their content gaps & weaknesses, and outrank them on the search result pages using the Ai power of GetGenie!

Optimize Content with Predictive Ai Score

GetGenie comes with a built-in content score powered by predictive Ai tech to help you optimize your on-page SEO and rank better on search results!

NLP-based keywords & SEO optimization

Cover all relevant keywords of a topic with Ai-filtered NLP clustering and target a wide range of potential customers/audience for better results with content!

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