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30+ Templates
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GetGenie to generate content just as you like!

AIDA Framework

Create copies with Attention → Interest → Desire → Action!

Next Paragraph

Write a relevant follow-up paragraph for your given paragraph.

Summary Bullets

Get a bulleted list of points summarizing the core topics/ideas of the passage/content you provide!

Paragraph Rewriter

Get a rewritten version of your given paragraph while keeping the essence & the meaning intact!

Meta Description

Provide a title/topic and get a relevant meta description to entice both humans and search engines!

Related Topics

Generate the topics related to your given paragraph/snippet of content powered by GetGenie’s AI power!

Pros and Cons

Generate a list of the pros and cons of a topic extracted from credible sources by GetGenie.


Research & prepare an outline of your blog post by providing only an intro/brief description!

BAB Framework

The before and after effect of your product/service/solution.

Bullet Point to Answer

Get a list/pointers/checklist of answers for your questions.

Explain Why

Get resourceful answers to questions starting with "why".

Paragraph for Heading

An introductory paragraph for your given heading to kick you off!

List of Questions

Generate an array of diverse questions about a given topic.

PAS Framework

Generate copies with the formula of Problem → Agitate → Solution


Generate engaging taglines about a given topic/ product/ service.

Next sentence

Get a follow-up sentence with coherence to a given sentence.

Listicle Ideas

Receive a variation of listicle ideas for a given topic in minutes!

Short Answer

Get a brief, to-the-point, and informative answer for a question.

Title Ideas

Generate a list of title variations based on an initial topic.

Numbered List

Get a detailed list of steps/procedures on how to do something.

Sentence Rewriter

Get a rephrased version of a given sentence with the same meaning.

Paragraph Answer

Get a paragraph-long answer to a question based on facts & info.

Paragraph Compression

Summarize a long paragraph into a short one with the same meaning.


Get a detailed definition from credible sources of a topic.

SEO and Organic Traffic Growth
Made Easy with AI Magic!

Turn on the SEO mode and make your content SERP-ready from day one —
AI-based SEO optimization right inside WordPress.

Research & Identify
Ai-Filtered Keywords

With GetGenie, you can analyze & pick keywords in depth by utilizing trend data, search volume, competition, CPC, as well as all related keywords for them!

Analyze & Beat Your
SERP Competitors

Get ahead of your competitors, analyze their content gaps & weaknesses, and outrank them on the search result pages using the Ai power of GetGenie!

Optimize Content with Predictive Ai Score

GetGenie comes with a built-in content score powered by predictive Ai tech to help you optimize your on-page SEO and rank better on search results!

NLP-based keywords & SEO optimization

Cover all relevant keywords of a topic with Ai-filtered NLP clustering and target a wide range of potential customers/audience for better results with content!

One Ai superapp to
Replace them all!

GetGenie Ai works like magic by packing all your required features in one simple WordPress tool — saving you time and resources on 10+ others!

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GetGenie is the most affordable SEO-optimized content solution out there,
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Money Back Guarantee

You have the freedom to contact us for a refund within 30 days of the purchase!

Features Included
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SEO Analysis

AI Features

SEO Optimization

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What to Expect in
(Near) Future

Check the public roadmap to see all upcoming features, ideas, and feature updates of GetGenie

FeaturesMulti Language Support

Get content & copies from GetGenie in multiple languages

FeaturesFAQ Generator

Generate frequently asked questions on a topic/blog post

FeaturesGenie Mode

Give commands/prompts as you want & get content accordingly

FeaturesPlagiarism Checker

Check the plagiarism of the content written collaboratively by you and GetGenie

Questions (FAQ) on GetGenie
You Need Answering

Clear all your confusions and queries you might have before you take home the best Content & SEO assistant out there.
Yes, you can write a full-fledged blog post/article with the help of GetGenie! Generating an SEO-optimized title, meta description, intro, blog outline, and all the content in between is possible with the AI power of GetGenie.
Using GetGenie, you can easily generate headings/subtopics that match your blog post's search query and intent. Among them, simply click and choose the ones you need, and voila! Your blog post outline is ready!
GetGenie brings innovative SEO features like keyword search volume, competition, CPC, trend data, related keywords, competitors’ data, relevant questions, as well as a content score for on-page optimization.
Utilizing the power of 28+ ready templates including models like AIDA, PAS, and BAB as well as summarizer, rewriter, list generator, and more so that copywriting becomes easier than ever for you!

At the moment and in the foreseeable future, no. We did an early-bird GetGenie LTD campaign and that was the end of lifetime deals for GetGenie.

Absolutely not! You can add as many users as you want so that they can all work and collaborate right inside your website. All plans/packages of GetGenie come packed with unlimited user additions and logins!
We’ve made plugin security and user data protection our topmost priority so that anyone can install and use the plugin without thinking twice. We also assure you that necessary protocols and security measures are in place to guarantee security and reliability.
If you face any issue or find any discrepancy with the features of our product, you can ask for a refund within 14 days of your payment completion. We’ll give you a full refund based on your request/issue, subject to compliance with regular conditions.
Yes, you can reach out to at any time regarding whatever issue/problem/question you might have after purchasing any of the available plans. On top of that, we have a Facebook group consisting of users like you and GetGenie experts from our team to engage in conversations, ask questions, and collaborate with others.

No coupons required — simply get our annual packages to get a flat 20% off all plans! The GetGenie coupons are auto-applied for your convenience.