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Be the Master of SERP Analysis & Outperform Your Competitors

Save time on SERP analysis. GetGenie Ai delivers structured data on word count, images, internal, and external links from the entire search results at your fingertips.

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Why GetGenie for
SERP Analysis?

Unlock these powerful SERP analysis features with GetGenie.

Content Details

Retrieve all the content details from within GetGenie’s dashboard. Discover the content details under each heading, verify the word count, examine images, and more.

Head to Head Comparison

Unlock the power of direct head-to-head comparisons with your competitors right from the SERP. Discover how your ideas can outshine the competition with an Ai analyzed report.

SERP Visualization

With a single click, you can visualize the SERP results and uncover your competitors’ internal and external link building strategies. Check the chart for a summary of the information.

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How to do SERP analysis
with GetGenie?

Start doing SERp analysis in a few simple steps.

Insert the
primary keyword

First, come up with a primary keyword so GetGenie can show you the SERP data based on it.

Fetch Competitors’

To check the SERP data, click on the ‘fetch’ button. Within a few seconds, it will scrape data from search results.

Check detailed content

After scraping the SERP result, you can check content under each heading, the number of images, words, and more.

Visualize SERP

Once you have finished writing the content, visualize the SERP results so you can obtain a summary of how competitors are performing in the SERP.

Start Doing ai Powered SERP Analysis
to Beat Competitors

Asked Questions

If you have additional queries regarding SERP analysis, check out the following questions and answers.
To rank on the SERP, you need to examine what your competitors are doing. Through in-depth analysis, you can uncover their strategy, identify content gaps, and enhance your content with other elements.
Ai SERP analysis automates the process and presents all the data in one place. You won't need to manually inspect each competitor on the SERP individually. GetGenie's SERP analysis enables you to access all the details with a simple click on the dropdown menu.
First, identify what your competitors are lacking in their content. Then, create something superior to theirs and generate customized content using GetGenie. Enhance your content score and surpass your competitors.
Initially, the SERP analysis report will display the top 10 competitors. If you require additional competitors, you can easily click the 'Load More' button, which will reveal more competitors from the SERP.

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