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The most versatile Ai chatbot for
chatting with 22+ personalities

GenieChat is all set to have a human-like chat with you, answering your tricky questions, providing ground-breaking ideas, and even having a friendly & funny chit-chat! It’s time to skip the limitations of ChatGPT and tap into GenieChat to unlock the true potential of Ai Chatbot —

See How
The GenieChat Works

The step-by-step process of GetGenie’s GenieChat feature –

Prepare and adjust your chatbot settings

Select “Chat Personality” and the suitable “Output Size” to kick things off with ChatGenie.

Begin chatting with a question or a command

Put your question or just a command in the typing field.
You can edit your input prompt too if necessary.

Get the perfect response from GenieChat instantly

GenieChat will analyze your text and return a precise reply.
If required, you can also regenerate the output.

Carry on chatting
just like human conversations!

Voila, you are in touch with the GenieChat Ai bot now! Create new chats or use previous chat histories to make history!

Bang for the buck! Highly recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have queries about GenieChat? Check out the
following Q&A section to clear up the confusion!
With Chatgpt, you can only chat with the AI bot based on your command or query. But with GenieChat, you can make use of 30+ writing templates besides chatting with the AI bot.
Yes! You can use GenieChat for free with a set limit if you are a user of GetGenie’s “Free” version. However, to increase your limit, you have to switch to any of the Pro plans.
GenieChat is used to generate both natural and conversational language in response to user queries. It leverages NLP and ML technologies to provide users with precise and personalized replies.
Yes, GenieChat is your ChatGPT alternative, making up for its shortcomings and providing supplementary perks & benefits.

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