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Perform Search Engine Optimization with Artificial Intelligence

With AI SEO, you can dramatically change the average ranking position of your website and start attracting more traffic. You can rank for the desired keywords that bring in more qualified leads for better conversions.

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Why GetGenie for SEO?

Once you start using AI for SEO, you will discover that everything becomes easier, including the following tasks.

On Page Optimization

Write on page optimized content, SEO friendly title, optimized meta description, and more. Ensure your content is SERP-ready from the beginning.

Better Internal Linking

Find out how many internal links your competitors have used for their content, and set your goal to surpass them with the best internal linking strategy.

Content Score

Let GetGenie Ai analyze your content and provide a score based on SEO factors. Use the suggestions to enhance your content for a higher ranking.

Competitor Analysis

Conduct an in-depth competitor analysis using GetGenie’s head-to-head comparison and SERP visualizer. Identify content gaps and plan your strategy accordingly.

WordPress Rating

Rated 5.0

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Rated 4.8

Trustpilot Rating

Rated 4.8

How to Start
Ai SEO with GetGenie?

Begin implementing Ai SEO with the following steps.

Keyword research

Come up with a primary keyword. Provide it to GetGenie to analyze it and give you tons of relevant keywords along with the keywords’ search volume, CPC, difficulty, and keyword trends.

Check Competitors

Check your competitors to find out what they are missing in their content. Additionally, analyze their outline and formulate your own strategy.

Head to Head Analysis

After writing down your content, engage in a head-to-head comparison with your competitors. Compare the keywords you’ve covered in your content with those used by your competitors to determine if you are missing anything. Enhance your content and outperform your competitors.

SERP Visualization

Would you like to view all the information in one place with a chart? Opt for SERP visualization and discover the average content score, headings, images, external links, and external links. Strive to surpass these and achieve a higher SERP ranking.

content score

Finally, improve the content score with Ai SEO analysis. Follow the suggestions from GetGenie to enhance the content score and rank higher on the SERP.

Start Dominating the SERP
with Ai SEO

Asked Questions

Do you have any additional questions? Follow the relevant questions and answers here.
It's not about comparing Ai SEO to traditional SEO. With Ai, you can save time in the process. Automating SEO tasks will give you the freedom to simultaneously focus on multiple factors
GetGenie uses its advanced algorithm based on a natural language processing model and then suggests the keywords. With your primary keyword, you can get all the NLP keywords in seconds.
Yes, by using GetGenie AI, you can start for as low as $17 and begin your website's SEO. When you compare the cost of AI SEO with an in-house team, you will understand why it is cost-effective.
It's not necessary to use every NLP keyword in your content. Aim to incorporate most of them into your content. Additionally, when using GetGenie for writing, utilize the customized content method to input NLP keywords for different sections.

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