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GetGenie enables you to customize and optimize your content at every step. Write in your own style, include context, use preset keywords, and generate content in bulk.

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Why GetGenie’s
Custom Content?

Here are the benefits you will enjoy with GetGenie’s Customized content feature.

Implement Targeted Keywords

You can implement your target keywords in individual sections of the content to make it ready for SERP.

Get output based on context

The context field allows you to generate content output based on your instructions, making it more human-like.

Compete with human written content

Keyword optimized and context based content helps to beat any writing from the SERP and helps to rank better.

WordPress Rating

Rated 5.0

G2 Rating

Rated 4.8

Trustpilot Rating

Rated 4.8

How to get customized content
with GetGenie?

Start generating customized content with Ai in a few simple steps.

Do keyword research

Input your primary keyword and receive all keyword suggestions, including NLP keywords, to implement them in your content.

Analyze competitors
from SERP

Analyze the SERP data, check competitors’ information, and discover what’s lacking in their content.

Build content outline
based on analysis

After completing your research and reviewing competitors’ content details, choose your content outline from the suggested headings provided by GetGenie and from your competitors’ content.

Write content with
custom keywords & context

In the next step, choose ‘customized content’ and select the headings one by one for your content. Add your researched keywords and instructions to provide context and obtain the output. Repeat this process for each heading.

Start Writing SERP
Ready Content
With Ai

Asked Questions

Do you have some more queries regarding customized and optimized content with Ai? Check out the following questions and answers.
Unlike conventional Ai writing processes, with customized content, you can modify the writing based on your context and optimize each section of the content. Therefore, you can achieve a significantly better content output than conventional Ai writing tools.
Yes, that's the primary purpose of customized content. When generating content under a heading, you can include multiple keywords and obtain optimized content within seconds.
If you provide the context appropriately and instruct GetGenie to write in a specific tone, you can consistently obtain the perfect result each time.
There is no limit to the number of keywords you can include. However, we recommend not overloading the content with excessive keywords, as this may disrupt the natural flow of the content.

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