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Efficiently Manage Multiple
Content & SEO Clients with GetGenie

Effortlessly manage multiple content and SEO clients with GetGenie. Choose your package, use it for any case, and streamline your operations in one platform.

5 Star Ratings

Loving it! (HUGE time saver)

I’ve been using it for a few days now and this plug in is fantastic. I looked at a few of the other AI Writers and settled on this one as it integrates directly with WordPress...

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Benefits of GetGenie’s
Playground Feature

Here are the benefits you will enjoy with GetGenie’s SaaS version.

Effortless Client Management

With GetGenie, you can effortlessly handle multiple SEO clients from a single, convenient platform.

Freedom and Flexibility

Choose the package that suits your needs and enjoy the freedom to access it from anywhere you desire, making remote SEO management a breeze.

Enhanced Control and Efficiency

Gain greater control over your clients’ sites. Simply access all the sites from one place and manage content and SEO seamlessly.

WordPress Rating

Rated 5.0

G2 Rating

Rated 4.8

Trustpilot Rating

Rated 4.8

How to Manage Multiple
Content & SEO Clients with GetGenie?


Choose Manage Sites

Once you are done with the licensing, choose ‘manage sites.’ You can then access the account by providing your credentials and use GetGenie for any of your clients.

Add client’s site

You can now add multiple sites under one license. Simply insert the site’s URL and click the “add” button to include the site under the license.

Browse the Templates

Under the playground, browse all the templates of GetGenie and choose the one that you need. Whichever template you choose, you can use it inside GetGenie’s dashboard.

Get in Action

Start content writing, SEO, copywriting, WooCommerce product descriptions—whatever you need. Manage your content and SEO clients’ sites from anywhere in the world effortlessly.

Manage All Your SEO Clients
with GetGenie Ai

Asked Questions

Looking for some additional information regarding how to manage multiple SEO clients with one tool? Go through the following questions and answers.
You can initiate your journey by utilizing GetGenie for keyword research services. GetGenie helps the discovery of relevant keywords, including NLP-driven keywords. In addition to keyword research, you can also provide on-page optimization and internal linking services with the assistance of GetGenie.
Ensure you consistently deliver SEO services within the established deadlines. Additionally, engage in in-depth discussions with clients before starting a project to gain a thorough understanding of their requirements.
With one tool and a single platform, you will have the capability to manage all your SEO clients. From GetGenie's dashboard, you can directly access your clients' websites and conveniently oversee their tasks.
There is no limit to the number of sites you can add for SEO client management. Add all your clients' sites and proceed with your projects. Once you have completed a project for a client, remove the site from GetGenie's dashboard for your convenience.

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