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Let AI do the heavy lifting — minimize the time to complete SEO-optimized blog content from start to finish right inside WordPress. GetGenie is your personal AI assistant for tedious Content & SEO operations so that you can rank easily on search engines and focus on achieving greatness instead!

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See How
The Blog Wizard Works

The step-by-step process of GetGenie’s blog writing workflow
to generate SEO-optimized content

Input Your Keyword

Provide the seed/target keyword on which
the content will be based

Analyze for SEO

Check keyword data, SERP competitors,
and forum questions for SEO

Select Title & Intro

Choose the blog post title and the introduction
from multiple options

Finalize the Outline

Craft the perfect outline of your content based
on AI suggestions

Expand & Ready to Go!

Now, expand the headings, check AI score,
and your content is 💯

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have queries about the Blog wizard? Check out the following Q&A section to clear up the confusions!
It depends on the AI writing tool. With GetGenie, it’s really simple! All you have to give is the target keyword and a context (optional). After that, it’s all about generate → edit → publish while maintaining the AI-based SEO suggestions from GetGenie.
Of course, AI can be the perfect assistant for crafting your blog posts with precision and minimal effort. Also, it can also save your time for going from the first draft to the final copy. GetGenie is one instance of such AI tool that can make these happen!
Well, it depends. If you want to save time & resources, create SERP-ready content to win rankings, or scale your content production, AI tools like GetGenie can really make things easier for you to write and rank blog posts.
There is no solid evidence or instance of Google or any other search engine punishing or giving penalties to blogs for using AI to generate and use content. So, it’s safe to say that AI-generated or assisted content can be used for blogging in any capacity one needs.
Sure it is, as the whole point of a generative AI is to give the users unique and high-quality content for blogs or just about any use. And if it’s a popular AI tool like GetGenie, you can be sure that WordPress-based blog content will be of superior quality and one of a kind.

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