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Rule the content kingdom with NLP keywords and SERP analysis data. Supercharge SEO with Ai and skyrocket traffic!

SEO and Organic Traffic Growth

Made Easy With Ai Magic!

With SEO mode, boost your content's SERP readiness from day one with AI-powered optimization with in-depth automated analysis.

SEO Research &
Ai-Filtered Keywords

GetGenie helps you to analyze in depth and pick relevant keywords. Utilize trend data, keyword search volume, competitiveness, CPC, as well as all the untapped keywords from Google using the magic of Ai!
GetGenie Keyword Analysis

Analyze Competitors
for Insights

Get ahead of your SERP competitors using the Ai power! Analyze their content gaps as well as their strengths and outrank them on the search result pages with winning content assisted by GetGenie.
Competitor Analysis

1 Click + 60 Seconds =
SEO-Optimized Blog!

One-Click AI-powered blog creation in 60 seconds! Write in bulk and effortlessly optimize content for SEO — boost search rankings.
One-Click Blog

Optimize Content with
Predictive SEO Ai Scoring

GetGenie comes with a built-in content score feature. Powered by predictive Ai tech, it helps you optimize your on-page SEO factors based on score, ensure SERP-friendly content, and rank better on search results!
Content Analysis

Head to Head Analysis &
SERP Visualization

Conduct a head-to-head analysis with your competitors to identify content gaps using SERP visualization. Check their average content score, and generate even better ideas to outrank them.
Serp Analysis

How GetGenie
Out in the Crowd

Take a look at the prominent features of GetGenie

Write and rank blog content faster with Ai workflow — analyze SERP competitors, find NLP keywords, and optimize Ai content score to get SEO-friendly content within minutes!
Blog Wizard
Save time & effort in writing conversion-friendly & SEO-optimized product descriptions for your WooCommerce store with a simple and intuitive Ai workflow of GetGenie!
Powerful Ai bot offering the ability to chat with 22+ AI expert personalities, customize prompts and output size to meet your needs, and enjoy real-time conversations with ease!
Generate and optimize content in a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Vietnamese, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Korean, etc.

Generate Images with
Ai Magic in Clicks

Get high-quality images with just a few command lines. Enhance your content with visuals. Save the images for later! Available in yearly plans and separate packages.

Make a Wish and

Let Genie Ai Grant it!

Everybody has their limitations, but not your Genie! Whatever assistance you need with words, the Genie Ai has got it covered to fullfil your needs across multiple categories.

First-hand Experiences
With GetGenie

Here’s what people think about the best Ai content & SEO assistant 👇
WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

I am excited about

It’s a one-stop-shop for SEO content optimization and offers a lot of data to support the writing process. The great WP plugin offers keyword research, related search queries, NLP suggestions, competitor content data, and a keyword comparison table. Plus, the AI templates make it incredibly easy to create helpful content... 🤩

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Surprisingly solid content

The quality of the content generated by this app is the best I’ve seen so far from any of the AI writing tools. The integration with WordPress is a great time-saver as well.

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Great & satisfied product

Great and amazing product I have never used! Getgenie is one of the best AI tools ever. I have used it for about a month now, It is great for me doing content least time. It have AI content Generator, Rewrite, Keyword look up, Competitor lookup and The best one is SEO analysis using NLP analysis other tools you may pay more money for NLP analysis. Check out site using Getgenie animalocy that doing content idea and research using it. ====>>> Recommend tools!

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Brilliant support

Had a few minor niggles with the GetGenie plugin with regards to generating certain blogs….they have looked into the matter and releasing a fix for it. Pro-active and helpful!

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Simple to navigate and oh so helpful

When running a business, you can simply forget so on the small features that can make or break your practice. GetGenie takes away the stress of one more thing to do! We are in a competitive area and I need my SEO to work for me and GetGenie is awesome !...

Crystalyn Z
Crystalyn Z.
WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Really liking GetGenie

I own several AI writing and content optimization tools, but I wanted to have a tool that does both. GetGenie does that! The bonus is you can do it right from WordPress! It does still need some improvement, but I can only see the tool getting better within time...

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Awesome Plugin

Awesome tool that works well. It has helped me with a few ideas already, especially when I’m not sure what to write.

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Best of the Best

I came over here and created a WordPress account just to leave a review message to people who created GetGenie. Thank you!!!!

GetGenie Devs. We see working hard, we love your updates; seems like every other week you outdo yourselves.

Thank you again!

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

GetGenie increased my productivity x10

I’ve been using GetGenie for a little over a month. After watching the tutorials / once I got the hang of it, generating blog posts with it is a BREEZE, and the content is high quality. It’s great how you don’t have to go out to a different tool to check competing sites’ content, or to find NLP keywords – it’s all right there in the tool. And not just in the tool, but conveniently “in” your WordPress post that you are creating. It’s so cool to generate content, and then to have that content scored right away by GetGenie!...

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Loving it! (HUGE time saver)

I’ve been using it for a few days now and this plug in is fantastic. I looked at a few of the other AI Writers and settled on this one as it integrates directly with WordPress & does the SEO & general research right within your writing prompt. (It looks at Quora and other sites to see what similar people are asking to make sure you’re addressing questions you wouldn’t have known people are asking...)

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

A great experience with GetGenie for blog writing.

Very comfortable to do SEO at the same time.

RO Reiner Otto
RO Reiner Otto
WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Free Version

I signed up for the free version because I have no money just now. The limited use I got showed an amazing product. I hope I can earn enough to get the pro version.

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Impressed so far

Easy to install and use, combined SEO and post creation into one, writes great WooCommerce product descriptions...

Chelle H.
Chelle H.
Managing Partner
WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Best SEO assistant this year

It is impressive and these what I like about it. User-friendly interface: GetGenie’s interface is designed to be easy to use, even for businesses that may not have a lot of experience with SEO. Its step-by-step process and clear recommendations make it accessible to a wide range of users.

WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Huge potential

In my opinion, GetGenie AI has the ability to completely revolutionize the WordPress community. I'm hoping for them to release Boss Mode and give GetGenie a unique selling point since I believe it's a big deal. I'm looking forward to seeing what more they come up with, and I hope they can improve the rate at which they update their features to keep ahead of the competition.

Đồng Phục Hải Triều
Đồng Phục Hải Triều
WordPress Symbol 5 Star Ratings

Fantástica herramienta

La he utilizado poco debibo al superar el límite de 1500 palabras, pero me sorprendió con la creación de textos para mi sitio web


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