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Instagram Bio

Make lasting impressions with the perfect instagram bio for your handle from Ai View Details

Instagram Caption

Generate Ai-powered captions for your instagram images in the blink of an eye View Details

LinkedIn Post

For yourself or your company/brand, professional posts made easy with Ai for LinkedIn View Details

One-Click Blog Generator

60 seconds is all it takes to generate an
SEO-optimized blog post with just one
click — powered by Ai!
View Details

Genie Mode

AMA mode of GetGenie that allows you to input custom prompts, and let it grant your wish with magical outputs! View Details

AIDA Framework

AIDA Framework

Create copies with Attention → Interest → Desire → Action! View Details

WooCommerce Product Long Description

WooCommerce Product Long Description

Generate long description for your product with all the information. View Details

WooCommerce Product Title

WooCommerce Product Title

Write attractive titles for WooCommerce products & increase CTR. View Details

Paragraph for Heading

An introductory paragraph for your given heading to kick you off! View Details

Meta Description

Give a title/topic and receive a meta description in return! View Details

Paragraph Answer

Paragraph Answer

Get a paragraph-long answer to a question based on facts & info. View Details

Short Answer

Get a brief, to-the-point, and informative answer for a question. View Details

Explain Why

Explain Why

Get resourceful answers to questions starting with "why". View Details

Title Ideas

Title Ideas

Generate a list of title variations based on an initial topic. View Details


Get a detailed definition from credible sources of a topic. View Details

Next Paragraph

Next Paragraph

Write a relevant follow-up paragraph for your given paragraph. View Details

WooCommerce Product Short Description

WooCommerce Product Short Description

Write short product descriptions by summarizing the details. View Details

Tagline Framework


Generate engaging taglines about a given topic/product/service. View Details

Social Media Copy

Social Media Post/Copy

Write engaging social media copies for enhanced reach & engagement. View Details

Paragraph Compression

Paragraph Compression

Summarize a long paragraph into a short one with the same meaning. View Details

Next Sentence

Get a follow-up sentence with coherence to a given sentence. View Details

Listicle Ideas

Receive a variation of listicle ideas for a given topic in minutes! View Details

List of Questions

Generate an array of diverse questions about a given topic. View Details

Feature Benefit

Feature - Benefit

Input the product features and let GetGenie generate the benefits. View Details

Product Ad Copy

Product Ad Copy

Write highly converting product ad copies and boost sales. View Details

PAS Framework

PAS Framework

Generate copies with the formula of Problem → Agitate → Solution View Details

BAB Template

BAB Framework

The before and after effect of your product/service/solution. View Details

Outline Template


Outline your blog article from a title and a brief description. View Details

Pros & Cons Framework

Pros and Cons

See what the pros and cons are of a topic from credible sources. View Details

Related Topics Framework

Related Topics

Give a brief description and see what the related topics are! View Details

Bullet Points to Answer

Bullet Point to Answer

Get a list/pointers/checklist of answers for your questions. View Details

Summary Bullets

Get bullet points summarizing the core topics/ideas of a passage. View Details

Feature Snippet

Featured Snippet
(Numbered List)

Get a detailed list of steps/procedures on how to do something. View Details

Product Description

Product Description

Generate engaging product descriptions with just a click. View Details

Content Rewriter

Get Ai-paraphrased variations of your given sentence/paragraph/content from Genie. View Details

Call To Action

Increase your CTA button/anchor's CTR using the magical persuasive words of Genie. View Details


Draw a relevant conclusion for your blog post or any content using Genie's Ai magic. View Details

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