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AIDA Framework

Create copies with Attention → Interest → Desire → Action!

AIDA Framework

Create copies with Attention → Interest → Desire → Action!

BAB Framework

The before and after effect of your product/service/solution.

Bullet Point

Get a list/pointers/checklist of answers for your questions.

Explain Why

Get resourceful answers to questions starting with "why".

Money Back Guarantee

You have the freedom to contact us for a refund within 30 days of the purchase! Here’s our refund policy for details.

What to Expect In
(Near) Future

Check the public roadmap to see all upcoming features, ideas, and feature updates of GetGenie

Features AI Featured Snippet

Research and auto answer featured snippets using AI. Definition, Steps, List, Ordered List and Answer

Features Write Inside Elementor Page Builder

Write with AI, edit, and format your content in Elementor.

Features Google NLP (keyword/ month)

Grouping keywords by user's search intent

Features SEO Mode

See keywords you need to write to rank your content on Google


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Compatible and Ready
to be Used with —

Optimize for SEO on the Go & Start Ruling the SERPs!

GetGenie optimizes the content for search engines on the go — saving you tons of effort afterward.

Keyword Analysis

SERP Analysis

Content Analysis

Keyword Suggestion

The related trending keywords will be generated instantly, packed with all the relevant metrics like search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and lots more!

On-page Optimization

GetGenie doesn’t stop at generating content for you. It also gives you a live score on the on-page factors to improve — saving you time, effort, and extra tools!

SERP Analysis

Everything on the SERP of your targeted keyword is your competitor, and GetGenie aims to beat them with an in-depth analysis of the backlinks, traffic, and all the other nitty-gritty!

Quora & Reddit Questions

Why waste time manually researching relevant questions from Reddit & Quora, when GetGenie can fetch them all in an instant — according to the keyword & topic!

One AI superapp to
Replace them all!

GetGenie AI works like magic by packing all your required features in one simple WordPress tool — saving you time and resources on 10+ others!