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AIDA Framework

Create copies with Attention → Interest → Desire → Action!

BAB Framework

The before and after effect of your product/service/solution.

Bullet Point to Answer

Get a list/pointers/checklist of answers for your questions.

Explain Why

Get resourceful answers to questions starting with "why".

List of Questions

Generate an array of diverse questions about a given topic.

Next Paragraph

Write a relevant follow-up paragraph for your given paragraph.

Paragraph Rewriter

Rewrite a paragraph keeping the essence & the meaning intact!

Paragraph for Heading

An introductory paragraph for your given heading to kick you off!

PAS Framework

Generate copies with the formula of Problem → Agitate → Solution

Summary Bullets

Get bullet points summarizing the core topics/ideas of a passage.


Generate engaging taglines about a given topic/product/service.

Next sentence

Get a follow-up sentence with coherence to a given sentence.

Pros and Cons

See what the pros and cons are of a topic from credible sources.

Related Topics

Give a brief description and see what the related topics are!

Listicle Ideas

Receive a variation of listicle ideas for a given topic in minutes!


Outline your blog article from a title and a brief description.

Short Answer

Get a brief, to-the-point, and informative answer for a question.

Title Ideas

Generate a list of title variations based on an initial topic.

Meta Description

Give a title/topic and receive a meta description in return!

Numbered List

Get a detailed list of steps/procedures on how to do something.

Sentence Rewriter

Get a rephrased version of a given sentence with the same meaning.

Paragraph Answer

Get a paragraph-long answer to a question based on facts & info.

Paragraph Compression

Summarize a long paragraph into a short one with the same meaning.


Get a detailed definition from credible sources of a topic.

Product ad copy

Write highly converting product ad copies and boost sales.

Product Description

Generate engaging product descriptions with just a click.

Feature - Benefit

Input the product features and let GetGenie generate the benefits.

Social Media Copy

Write engaging social media copies for enhanced reach & engagement.

WooCommerce Product Title

Write attractive titles for WooCommerce products & increase CTR.

WooCommerce Product Long Description

Generate long description for your product with all the information.

WooCommerce Product Short Description

Write short product descriptions by summarizing the details.